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Special Shapes

You can find over 60,000 different special washers and stampings in stock for same day shipments. Parts such as squares, rectangles, tab washers, and C-shaped shims are often in stock. If a special shape is what you need, our in house tool room has the latest in CNC and EDM equipment to make the tools for the parts you need.Formed parts are also one call away. We offer cup washers, spring washers, weld projections, serrations, chamfers, flanges and other made to print features and designs..
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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.187 in.0.437 in.0.070 in.#8Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear0Part Detail/Quote
0.218 in.0.437 in.0.032 in.#10Brass23000Part Detail/Quote
0.218 in.0.437 in.0.032 in.#10Low Carbon Steel - SoftCadmium & Yellow14400Part Detail/Quote
0.218 in.0.437 in.0.032 in.#10Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow31400Part Detail/Quote
0.318 in.0.437 in.0.060 in.1/4Stainless - 300 Series110Part Detail/Quote
0.122 in.0.438 in.0.032 in.#4Brass21700Part Detail/Quote
0.173 in.0.438 in.0.045 in.#8Stainless - 300 Series6900Part Detail/Quote
0.188 in.0.438 in.0.098 in.#8Copper11300Part Detail/Quote
0.203 in.0.438 in.0.032 in.#10Stainless - 300 Series6530Part Detail/Quote
0.203 in.0.438 in.0.060 in.#10Stainless - 3168360Part Detail/Quote
0.203 in.0.438 in.0.062 in.Low Carbon Steel - Soft26001Part Detail/Quote
0.120 in.0.440 in.0.032 in.#4Brass0Part Detail/Quote
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