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Type B Narrow Flat Washers

Type B Narrow Flat Washers offer tighter sizing options when compared to their Type A counterparts. Type B Narrow Washers are available to fit bolt sizes up to 3”. Type B Flat Washers are compliant with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Type B Washers are designed to help eliminate idle time in manufacturing, development, and repair applications. Type B Narrow Flat Washers are engineered to prevent damage to different types of surface areas while tightening screws or bolts. This type of narrow washer balances excess weight or force that is produced by bolts and screws in repair or installation applications.

Type B Washers are also utilized to eliminate or reduce noise caused by the interaction of surface areas with machine screws.While low carbon steel is the most common type of material, we offer Type B Washers in materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, and aluminum.

Contact a specialist with questions about Type B Narrow Flat Washers. We also provide other types of parts such as Tab Washers, Spring Washers, and Fender WashersOur staff will help you find a flat washer that aligns with your application.

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