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SAE Flat Washers | Type A Flat Washers

We offer the largest selection of SAE Washers in the industry. SAE Washers are also known as Type A Flat Washers. SAE Washers are named for the Society of Automotive Engineers. SAE Flat Washers are developed to be a smaller, thinner alternative to the standard USS Flat Washers. SAE Flat Washers feature a smaller outside diameter when compared with USS Washers. When referring to bolts, SAE Washers or Type A Flat Washers are fine threads while USS Washers are coarse threads.

The majority of Type A Flat Washers or SAE Washers are manufactured from low carbon steel. However, SAE Washers can be provided in almost any material and/or finish. SAE Washers or Type A Flat Washers are available in materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, and aluminum. We recommend choosing an SAE Flat Washer in a material that meets the demands of your project.

Type A Flat Washers are available to fit over a variety of different bolt sizes to meet your requirements. Our selection of SAE Washers or Type A Flat Washers are designed for reliability, longevity, and durability. We only supply SAE Washers that are made from the best materials in the industry. Our catalog features offers other types of washers such as wave spring, Square ID Hole, Fender, and TabContact a specialist to learn more about SAE  Washers.

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