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Thrust Washers & Bearings

Thrust washers are often used in bearing assemblies and in rotating applications. Thrust washers are designed to carry an axial or bearing load. Thrust washers are usually offered with a high hardness and a smooth surface. They are typically supplied through hardened, but can also be supplied case hardened when required. Thrust washers can be ground flat and parallel for special situations where tight tolerances and flat surfaces are required. Thrust washers and bearings can also be supplied for lighter, low impact situations, in non-metallic Nylon, PTFE, Acetal/POM, and other materials. Thrust washers are most commonly made from steel, but they can be supplied in phosphorous bronze, stainless steel, and other metallic materials. Nylon thrust washers are also available with MDS as an additive for wear resistance.

Contact a specialist to learn more about our selection of bronze, stainless steel, Nylon, PTFE, and Acetal/POM thrust washers. We carry a wide variety of hardened washers to meet the specifications of your project.


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