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Countersunk Finishing Washers

Countersunk finishing washers are designed to be used with flat or oval head screws. Flush countersunk washers provide a similar purpose when compared with flat washers, but they also offer a reliable bearing surface for flat head screws. Countersunk washers are also utilized for sealing purposes with flat head screws. Industry professionals utilize countersunk finishing washers to spread force in a similar manner as a pan-head screw. The countersunk finishing washer and screw is applied in a flush position.

Flush countersunk washers can be supplied in both 82 degree and 100 degree styles. This type of cup washer is designed to be utilized with flat head screws that feature countersink heads. In addition, countersunk finishing washers are utilized to prevent damage to wood while installing screws. After the screw and countersunk washers are installed, the finished product is sanded prior to beginning the varnishing process. Once your project is complete, the flat head screw and countersunk finishing washer will be visible at the same level.

Retaining the screws can also eliminate snagging and help with safety issues. The recesses can also be used as centering aids. Flush countersunk washers are heavily utilized by professional contractors and technicians throughout renovation and outdoor trim repair projects. These are popular washers to utilize because they make it possible to pull trim into a proper position with large screws. 

Countersunk washers are available in various materials to meet the specifications of your project. In addition, countersunk finishing washers are offered in various finishes to align with your needs. Choose a flush countersunk washer in a bolt size that is compatible with your unique application. In addition to countersunk waskers, we also offer other types of washers including basic cup washers, clipped OD washers, slotted square washers, and spring washers. We provide special parts and components to meet the requirements of your unique application.

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