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Type B Regular Flat Washers

Type B washers offer tighter sizing options compared to Type A washers. View our selection of narrow, regular, and wide Type B Regular Flat Washers in 0 to 3-inch screw sizes. All Type B Regular Flat Washers are compliant with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. We recommend keeping a medium to large quantity of Type B Regular Flat Washers on-site to avoid lidle time throughout the assembly, repair, or construction process. Contractors and organizations utilize our collection of Type B Washers to evenly distribute loads and protect surfaces while installing items such as bolts or screws. In addition, Type B Regular Flat Washers are able to be utilized as a precaution for corrosion. Corrosion is able to form between metal screws, bolts, and aluminum surfaces. In addition, our catalog features other types of parts such as fender washers, belleville washers, square ID washers, and flat washers. Type B washers are supplied in all materials, with carbon steel being the most popular. Contact Willie Washer with questions or concerns about Type B regular flat washers.

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