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Hardened Washers | Flat Washers

Hardened washers are made physically stronger through hardening or carburizing, but are generally smaller in size than your standard washer. Hardened flat washers are designed with extra strength and can be used with Grade 8 bolts and other heat-treated fasteners. Our selection of hardened washers are available to meet the ASTM F436 specification, many other OEM requirements, and special thrust washers in the RC 58/62 range. Willie Washer carries metric hardened washers that conform with the HV200 and HV300 hardness ranges. In addition to offering hardened washers, we also stock carburized low carbon steel parts which are most commonly available with a surface hardness of 15N 89.

Contact Willie Washer to obtain a quote for hardened washers. We also offer a large catalog of other types of washers including fender washers, domestic flat washersconical washers, clipped OD washers, spring washers, and slotted squre washersOur selection of hardened washers, special washers, stampings, and machined parts are designed for longevity and reliability.

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