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Machinery Bushings | Steel Bushings

Machinery bushings are most frequently used in the farm machinery business to pick up slack on shafts but can be used for other applications as well. Professional contractors and technicians utilize machinery bushings to eliminate the risk of damage between moving components. Machinery steel bushings are also used to help prevent blemishes and damage to various types of finishes. Steel bushings are able to be utilized as

Machinery bushings come in narrow and wide rim sizes. Our catalog of machinery bushings includes a large selection of gauges. Machinery bushings are most commonly supplied in low carbon steel and can be plated for maximum corrosion resistance. Machinery bushings can also be made in a wide variety of other materials and finishes upon request. Machinery steel bushings are able to be utilized as spacers for gears, pulleys, or sprockets on equipment. We also offer wave spring, cup, square OD, and C washersContact us with questions about machinery bushings. We will help you select machinery seel bushings that feature a rim size that is compatible with your unique application.

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