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4 Wave & Other Wave Spring Washers

Wave spring washers can be provided in four, six, and even eight waves if needed. Willie Washer stocks many of these along with several other wave washer variations. Wave spring washers that feature multiple waves are able to handle additional spring loads with less compression. Wave washers that include fewer waves are able to handle lower spring loads and are susceptible to higher compression. The same basic rules apply: simply adjust the material thickness or other dimensions of the wave spring washer for higher or lower spring rates. Wave washers can be used to reduce rattle or noise in assemblies. Wave washers can also be utilized in compensating for tolerance variations and also to load ball bearings. Wave spring washers can be supplied in spring steel, stainless steels, and bronze. Wave washers are available in finishes such as phosphate & oil, zinc, or black oxide. We recommend selecting a wave washer that meets the specifications and requirements of your project.

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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.169 in.0.385 in.0.012 in.#8Stainless - 400 Series28200Part Detail/Quote
0.937 in.1.500 in.0.020 in.7/8Spring Steel - HardPhosphate & Oil10000Part Detail/Quote
1.031 in.1.322 in.0.011 in.1.000Spring Steel - Hard13500Part Detail/Quote
0.828 in.1.000 in.0.006 in.3/4Bronze2800Part Detail/Quote
0.557 in.0.954 in.0.008 in.1/2Spring Steel - Hard10650Part Detail/Quote
0.656 in.0.844 in.0.025 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard32000Part Detail/Quote
0.630 in.0.750 in.0.010 in.9/16Spring Steel - Hard33700Part Detail/Quote
0.412 in.0.687 in.0.010 in.3/8Spring Steel - HardZinc & Black22300Part Detail/Quote
0.412 in.0.687 in.0.010 in.3/8Spring Steel - HardSpecial Finish0Part Detail/Quote
0.500 in.0.656 in.0.006 in.Spring Steel - Hard25620Part Detail/Quote
0.442 in.0.615 in.0.015 in.3/8Spring Steel - Hard19337Part Detail/Quote
0.208 in.0.437 in.0.025 in.#10Spring Steel - Hard13390Part Detail/Quote
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