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Metric Flat Washers | Metric Fasteners

Willie Washer takes the difficulty out of finding metric washers. We stock many metric flat washers manufactured to the most common DIN and ISO specifications. We also supply the general purpose ANSI B18.22M metric flat washers series in the narrow, wide, and regular patterns. Additionally, we provide metric fasteners and washers in special custom sizes that can either be found off the shelf or produced quickly with our extensive in-house tooling. 

Metric washers are engineered to balance heavy weight produced by screws, nuts, and bolts. In addition, this type of flat washer can also be utilized as a spacer in a wide variety of applications. Our selection of metric flat washers are designed to withstand hot, wet, and humid environments. If you’re searching for washers, Willie Washers provides metric flat washers and fasteners in many tempers and hardness classes including HV100, HV140, HV200, and HV300. 

We  offer many metric fasteners and washers in corrosion resistant materials and finishes. The corrosion resistant properties allows metric flat washers and metric fasteners to be utilized outdoors or in areas that have high levels of water moisture. In addition, we also create other types of washers such as tab washers, square ID washers, wave spring washers, and fender washers. Each metric washer in our catalog sets the standard in the fastener industry.

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DIN 125
DIN 126
DIN 433
DIN 463
DIN 988
DIN 1440
DIN 1441
DIN 6902
DIN 6340
DIN 7349
DIN 7989
DIN 9021

ISO 7089
ISO 7090
ISO 7091
ISO 7092
ISO 7093-1
ISO 7093-2
ISO 7094

ANSI B18.22M

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