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Slotted Square Washers | Slotted Washers

Square slotted washers are designed to be added to bolts and shafts that are already partially assembled. Multiple slotted washers can be stacked together to achieve desired thickness. Slotted square washers are also known as body shim washers for their use in the automotive aftermarket to make adjustments to body work. Our selection of square washers are able to be easily installed or replaced withour disassembling your parts. This type of slotted washer is also utilized in the construction and machinery industries. Slotted square washers are able to be utilized in various types of spacing applications. Since stainless steel square washers feature flat sides, they are engineered to prevent movement. Square washers and shim washers are also designed to fit into restricted areas. Slotted square washers or body shim washers are utilized to spread loads and also make it easier for you to perform maintenance tasks. In addition, square plate washers are also designed to protect the surface of your materials. Willie Washer also offers a large selection of other types of washers such as Tab Washers, Square ID Hole Washers, Flat Washers, SAE Washers, and Thick Fender Washers.

Square washers and shim washers are offered in materials such as stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum, and spring steel. Slotted square washers are offered in a variety of finishes to meet the unique requirements of your project. Our catalog of square washers are designed for all types of bolt sizes to ensure compatibility with your application. Our selection of square washers or slotted washers are manufactured with reliable, durable, and long-lasting materials to ensure optimal performance. Contact a specialist to learn more about square washers and shim washers.

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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.337 in.0.756 in.0.082 in.5/16Low Carbon Steel - Soft0Part Detail/Quote
0.687 in.2.000 in.0.062 in.5/8Stainless - 300 Series0Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in.2.000 in.0.015 in.3/4Stainless - 300 Series2465Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in.2.000 in.0.031 in.3/4Stainless - 300 Series380Part Detail/Quote
0.875 in.2.375 in.0.060 in.Low Carbon Steel - Soft641Part Detail/Quote
0.875 in.2.400 in.0.015 in.Low Carbon Steel - Soft7027Part Detail/Quote
0.875 in.2.400 in.0.015 in.Stainless - 31644Part Detail/Quote
0.875 in.2.400 in.0.030 in.Stainless - 31628Part Detail/Quote
0.562 in.3.000 in.0.060 in.1/2Aluminum455Part Detail/Quote
0.625 in.2.000 in.0.125 in.9/16Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear6001Part Detail/Quote
0.670 in.1.750 in.0.012 in.5/8Stainless - 300 Series1896Part Detail/Quote
0.656 in.1.500 in.0.125 in.5/8Low Carbon Steel - Soft3701Part Detail/Quote
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