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Pant Leg Washers | Tab Washers

Pant Leg Washers are a particular style of tab washer. The name Pant Leg Washers comes from their special shape: their two locking tabs are on the same side of the washer, making them look like a pair of pants. The Name Pant Leg Washers is a cute name for a very critical application and custom machined part.

One tab is bent over the hex bolt, and the other is bent over the flats on the nut. This secures the parts in place to avoid any loosening that could happen because of vibration and other events that could affect the joint. Willie Washer is a manufacturer that specializes at developing unique parts and components such as Wave Washers, Cup Washers, Flat Washers, and Tab Washers. For help with Pant Leg Washers or other components, please contact our sales department.

Please contact our sales department for help with these products