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Internal & External Tab Washers | Lock Washers

Tab Washers are designed to securely hold parts in place. There are various types of tab washers that are engineered for different types of applications. Willie Washer offers internal tab washers, external tab washers, and locking tab washers.We also offer internal & external combination tab washers to meet the unique requirements of your project. The external or internal tabs of the tab lock washer are bent over mating parts to create a physical lock for bolts and nuts. Internal tab washers, external tab washers, and lock washers are designed to be utilized in critical assemblies, such as naval ships, power plants, and in heavy equipment preventing bolts from coming loose. Tab washers are also utilized in environments that feature excessive heating or consistant vibrations.

The tabs of tab washers can also fit into shafts and notches to keep parts from turning. Tab washers and tab lock washers are available in materials such as Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Spring Steel, Aluminum, Hastelloy, and Brass. Internal and external tab washers are available in a variety of outside and inside diameters to ensure a perfect match for the nuts, bolts, or fastening requirement of your application. Tab washers are a specific category of lock washers that feature a round configuration. The single or multiple tabs are embedded around bolts. Tab washers are also engineered to be installed in a flat configuration. Choose a tab washer or lock washer that meets the specifications of your project. Contact a specialist with questions or concerns about washers.

Contact a specialist with questions or concerns about washers.

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ID OD T Bolt Size (Inch) Material Finish Stock Request a Quote
0.281 in. 1.215 in. 0.042 in. 1/4 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 105 Part Detail/Quote
0.406 in. 1.218 in. 0.030 in. 3/8 Stainless - 300 Series 21 Part Detail/Quote
0.531 in. 1.240 in. 0.060 in. 1/2 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 27 Part Detail/Quote
0.413 in. 1.266 in. 0.020 in. 3/8 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Yellow 7 Part Detail/Quote
0.375 in. 1.312 in. 0.036 in. 5/16 Brass 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.375 in. 1.312 in. 0.036 in. 5/16 Stainless - 300 Series 34 Part Detail/Quote
0.531 in. 1.375 in. 0.050 in. 1/2 Monel 17 Part Detail/Quote
0.562 in. 1.375 in. 0.040 in. 1/2 Hastelloy 8 Part Detail/Quote
0.885 in. 1.115 in. 0.095 in. Low Carbon Steel - Soft 6 Part Detail/Quote
0.343 in. 1.000 in. 0.031 in. 5/16 Monel 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.170 in. 0.695 in. 0.020 in. Stainless - 300 Series 3 Part Detail/Quote
0.266 in. 0.718 in. 0.016 in. 1/4 Stainless - 300 Series 0 Part Detail/Quote
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