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Spring washers are used to provide spring forces in assemblies and in tight spaces. They come in a variety of styles and sizes adding differing spring loads to assembled components. These types of washers are also referred to as disc spring washers by experts in the industry. Different disc spring washers are utilized to reduce rattle, consume shock loads, manage assembly tension, and compensate for material reduction or enlargement. Flat springs or disc spring washers feature unique designs that allow them to compress under load and then return to their original uncompressed shape. Each disc spring washer features a different deflection rate that is determined by size, shape and hardness. The forces can vary from a few ounces with thin wave spring washers, to thousands of pounds of force with conical/Belleville washers.

Flat springs or disc spring washers are designed to accommodate static loads and dynamic loads. With static loads, spring washers are designed to maintain loads. If you are handling a dynamic load, disc spring washers are designed to act as a flexing spring. The specialists at Willie Washer do not recommend exceeding the yield limit of spring washers. This will cause permanent damage to the product and disrupt performance. If a spring washer is overcompensated or at the end of its life cycle, it may experience damage and a small part of its deflection may be irreversible. Spring washers are utilized in smaller machines that are not able to accept coil springs. Spring washers are able to deflect in a progressive and regressive fashion.

Spring washers are produced by utilizing machining, stamping, or hot forged. Spring washers are supplied in materials such as spring steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper and bronze. Spring washers are also offered in finishes such as Zinc & Clear, Zinc & Yellow, Black Oxide, Cadmium & Yellow, and Nickel. If you're looking for other types of parts or washers, our catalog features square IDwave spring, fender, and tab. View our selection of affordable, durable, and long lasting spring washers and parts. Contact our staff with questions about spring washers, conical washers, and Belleville washers.



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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.120 in.0.240 in.0.030 in.#4Spring Steel - HardCadmium0Part Detail/Quote
0.121 in.0.242 in.0.029 in.#4Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear82002Part Detail/Quote
0.193 in.0.242 in.0.006 in.#8Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear0Part Detail/Quote
0.121 in.0.243 in.0.022 in.#4Spring Steel - HardZinc & Yellow0Part Detail/Quote
0.092 in.0.245 in.0.004 in.#2Spring Steel - Hard45500Part Detail/Quote
0.092 in.0.245 in.0.004 in.#2Stainless - 300 Series17000Part Detail/Quote
0.120 in.0.245 in.0.022 in.#4Spring Steel - HardZinc & Yellow0Part Detail/Quote
0.130 in.0.245 in.0.013 in.#4Stainless - 300 Series10800Part Detail/Quote
0.135 in.0.245 in.0.005 in.#5Stainless - 400 Series0Part Detail/Quote
0.135 in.0.245 in.0.006 in.#5Spring Steel - Hard33950Part Detail/Quote
0.090 in.0.250 in.0.018 in.#2Spring Steel - Soft3751Part Detail/Quote
0.099 in.0.250 in.0.003 in.#3Beryllium Copper10000Part Detail/Quote
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