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Three wave washers are the most common type of multiple wave spring washers. Three wave spring washers feature a total of three contact points that provide more spring load and less compression than one wave spring washers of the same size. Wavy washers are used to reduce rattle or noise in assemblies while compensating for variations in tolerance. Three wave washers can also be utilized to load ball bearings. Three wave washers are heavily utilized with electric motors or speed minimizers that take up a large quantity of space on bearings that are responsible for supporting a shaft. Wavy washers are utilized to ensure thermal expansion does not introduce “play.” Three wave washers are commonly utilized with hardware such as speed minimizers, gearboxes, and connectors.

Three wave spring washers supply a wide range of spring rates through a simple adjustment in either the material thickness or another attribute of the part. In addition, we offer other types of washers such as tab, wave spring, fender, and square ID. Our selection of washers and parts are engineered with durable and reliable materials. Three wavy washers are available in a variety of materials to meet the specifications of your project or application. Wavy washers are available in materials such as Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Beryllium Copper and Bronze.  Willie Washer also offers three wave spring washers in finishes such as Zinc & Clear, Zinc & Yellow, Black Oxide and Phosphate & Oil. Our catalog features three wavy spring washers that are designed for a wide variety of bolt sizes. In addition to three wave washers, our expansive catalog also features single wave, two wave, and four wave washers to meet your needs. We recommend choosing a wavy washer that is compatible with your project. Contact a specialist to learn more about wave spring washers.

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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.578 in.1.000 in.0.015 in.9/16Stainless - 300 Series4280Part Detail/Quote
0.625 in.1.000 in.0.022 in.9/16Spring Steel - Hard9700Part Detail/Quote
0.640 in.1.000 in.0.015 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard39181Part Detail/Quote
0.650 in.1.000 in.0.022 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard12700Part Detail/Quote
0.650 in.1.000 in.0.030 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard0Part Detail/Quote
0.680 in.1.000 in.0.013 in.5/8Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear56140Part Detail/Quote
0.680 in.1.000 in.0.015 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard11400Part Detail/Quote
0.771 in.0.998 in.0.022 in.3/4Spring Steel - Hard2200Part Detail/Quote
0.771 in.0.998 in.0.022 in.3/4Spring Steel - HardSpecial Finish6850Part Detail/Quote
0.395 in.0.995 in.0.025 in.3/8Spring Steel - HardZinc & Yellow18700Part Detail/Quote
0.765 in.0.920 in.0.015 in.3/4Stainless - 17-7PH3750Part Detail/Quote
0.718 in.0.921 in.0.010 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard8900Part Detail/Quote
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