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Flat Washers

Round flat washers are the most common type of washers supplied and they have the most uses. They are used to span oversized holes, and can spread loads over wider areas. They prevent surface damage and embedment from nuts and bolts, and provide a consistent surface for more predictable joints. They can also be used as shims to compensate for tolerance variations.

Willie Washer stocks over 60,000 different special washers for same day shipments. Check our inventory for various sizes, shapes, materials and finishes.

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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.062 in.0.109 in.0.005 in.Stainless - 300 Series8001Part Detail/Quote
0.062 in.0.109 in.0.015 in.Stainless - 300 Series116501Part Detail/Quote
0.067 in.0.117 in.0.020 in.#0Copper38302Part Detail/Quote
0.052 in.0.118 in.0.010 in.Stainless - 300 Series0Part Detail/Quote
0.088 in.0.118 in.0.010 in.#1Stainless - 300 Series0Part Detail/Quote
0.088 in.0.118 in.0.010 in.#1Stainless - 300 Series13900Part Detail/Quote
0.074 in.0.120 in.0.014 in.#0Low Carbon Steel - Soft19500Part Detail/Quote
0.075 in.0.120 in.0.020 in.#0Brass46000Part Detail/Quote
0.092 in.0.120 in.0.014 in.#2Stainless - 300 Series62701Part Detail/Quote
0.055 in.0.122 in.0.005 in.Stainless - 300 Series901Part Detail/Quote
0.055 in.0.122 in.0.010 in.Stainless - 300 Series401Part Detail/Quote
0.055 in.0.122 in.0.020 in.Stainless - 300 Series1001Part Detail/Quote
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