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Belleville & Conical Washers | Disc Springs

Belleville washers or conical washers are the strongest type of spring washers available. These types of washers are also referred to as disc springs and feature a conical shape that allows them to work like a heavy-duty spring and provide high spring loads in tight places. Disc springs are able to be configured singly or stacked to develop the optimal load. Belleville washers are able to achieve extensive forces with short spring lengths. Conical washers produce little to no movement throughout the compression process. Willie Washer implements strict quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our selection of disc springs do not underperform when subjected to specified loads over an extended timespan. 

Belleville spring washers feature a conically shaped disc form.These types of conical washers will deflect overtime at a specified rate. These disc springs are utilized in industries such as pump manufacturing, valve development, and industrial automation. Conical spring washers maintain a high degree of tension and act as shock absorbers on vibrating parts, which keeps assemblies tight. These belleville spring washers also compensate for thermal expansion and contraction on bolted joints. Belleville washers or conical springs are designed to be used as a single spring or in a stack formation. Conical washers are able to be stacked in a uniform direction or in an alternating fashion for all types of applications. If you need to support extensive loads in limited spaces, we recommend investigating the use of belleville washers..

Conical washers have a long life when utilized in dynamic loads to ensure optimal performance. Conical / belleville washers are available in materials such as stainless steel, bronze, spring steel, low carbon steel, and brass. These conical spring washers are offered in finishes such as black oxide, zinc & clear, zinc & yellow, phosphate & oil, and nickel. Willie Washer offers belleville washers at affordable prices. All conical spring washers or disc springs are engineered with premium and long-lasting materials to ensure optimal performance. Contact a specialist to learn more about Belleville washers and conical washers.

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0.109 in. 0.276 in. 0.024 in. #3 Spring Steel - Hard 52501 Part Detail/Quote
0.123 in. 0.276 in. 0.015 in. #4 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Black Oxide 121901 Part Detail/Quote
0.143 in. 0.276 in. 0.010 in. #5 Spring Steel - Hard 11700 Part Detail/Quote
0.124 in. 0.296 in. 0.022 in. #4 Spring Steel - Soft 337001 Part Detail/Quote
0.124 in. 0.296 in. 0.022 in. #4 Spring Steel - Hard 20701 Part Detail/Quote
0.131 in. 0.308 in. 0.018 in. #4 Stainless - 300 Series 8020 Part Detail/Quote
0.152 in. 0.309 in. 0.020 in. #6 Spring Steel - Hard Zinc & Clear 3200 Part Detail/Quote
0.129 in. 0.310 in. 0.015 in. #4 Spring Steel - Hard 25800 Part Detail/Quote
0.191 in. 0.310 in. 0.007 in. #8 Spring Steel - Hard 40001 Part Detail/Quote
0.191 in. 0.310 in. 0.010 in. #8 Spring Steel - Hard 8250 Part Detail/Quote
0.100 in. 0.312 in. 0.030 in. #3 Stainless - 300 Series 20001 Part Detail/Quote
0.100 in. 0.312 in. 0.037 in. #3 Spring Steel - Soft Copper 23001 Part Detail/Quote
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