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Square OD Washers | Square Plate Washers

Square OD Washers are offered for applications where a round washer might not work. Square washers have a larger surface area than round washers with the same outside diameter. The larger surface area on square washers spreads loads over a larger area and also increases resistance. Stainless steel square washers are utilized to protect surface finishes and spread loads in a fastener assembly system that utilizes square headed fasteners.

Square plate washers are able to gain a lot of friction when applied to wood, which is why they are utilized for seismic projects and applications. Square washers are engineered to prolong the life of parts and are utilized to control sound levels and motion such as vibration. Square OD washers are useful in timber construction and other applications because they are able to cover larger areas.

These square plate washers are usually made from low carbon steel, but other materials are available. Square OD washers are also available in stainless steel, brass, spring steel, aluminum, copper and many non-metallic materials. We offer stainless steel square washers in various types of finishes to meet the guidelines of your project. Square washers or square plate washers are available in finishes such as black oxide, nickel, zinc & clear, phosphate & oil, zinc & yellow, and galvanized. Square washers are available a variety of bolt sizes and thicknesses to ensure compatibility with your application. Contact a specialist with questions about square OD washers.

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ID OD T Bolt Size (Inch) Material Finish Stock Request a Quote
1.250 in. 2.187 in. 0.031 in. 1-1/8 Stainless - 300 Series 7 Part Detail/Quote
0.687 in. 2.250 in. 0.187 in. 5/8 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Clear 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.687 in. 2.250 in. 0.187 in. 5/8 Stainless - 316 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.781 in. 2.250 in. 0.187 in. 3/4 Stainless - 300 Series 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in. 2.250 in. 0.105 in. 3/4 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.875 in. 2.250 in. 0.120 in. Low Carbon Steel - Soft 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.937 in. 2.250 in. 0.187 in. 7/8 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 0 Part Detail/Quote
1.093 in. 2.062 in. 0.250 in. 1.000 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.515 in. 2.010 in. 0.250 in. 1/2 Spring Steel - Hard 89 Part Detail/Quote
1.625 in. 2.000 in. 0.125 in. 1-1/2 Spring Steel - Hard 3 Part Detail/Quote
1.010 in. 2.000 in. 0.179 in. Low Carbon Steel - Soft Tin 2590 Part Detail/Quote
1.062 in. 2.000 in. 0.375 in. 1.000 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 11 Part Detail/Quote
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