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Clipped OD Washers | Weld Washers

We stock and distribute clipped D-shaped washers at affordable prices. Clipped OD washers are also called “weld washers” for their use in the welding industry (a completely different application). Clip washers or weld washers are utilized to develop a reliable bearing surface for small to large projects. All weld washers are manufactured with high-quality materials that are engineered for reliability, longevity, and durability. Clipped OD or weld washers are available in materials such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, spring steel, nylon, brass, and aluminum.

Clipped OD or weld washers are used to eliminate issues caused by loose bolts on suspension components. In addition, weld washers are useful if you’re working with surface materials that do not accommodate holes. Our large selection of clipped OD or weld washers are designed to fit a variety of bolt sizes (inch) such as 5/16, 3/8, 1/4, and 3/16. Each weld washer or D washer features a wide variety of inside and outside diameters to align with your unique requirements. Weld washers are utilized by technicians to adjust axial motion in areas with a small amount of space.

Clipped washers are used in a variety of industries such as transportation, medical, and aerospace. Weld washers are designed to prevent movement in assemblies. The straight edge of the washer is installed facing a flat surface to prevent movement. We offer 60,000 clipped or flat washers to meet your requirements. D-shaped washers or weld washers are available in an assortment of finishes, such as zinc & yellow, zinc & clear, galvanized, phosphate & oil, black oxide, and cadmium & yellow. In addition to clipped OD washers, Willie Washer also provides D shaped IDslotted squarebelleville, and flat washersContact a specialist to learn more about weld washers. We will address any questions about D washers to ensure you select a product that meets your needs.


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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.500 in.1.625 in.0.100 in.Spring Steel - Hard0Part Detail/Quote
0.390 in.1.560 in.0.090 in.3/8Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow164Part Detail/Quote
0.406 in.1.555 in.0.100 in.3/8Stainless - 300 Series26Part Detail/Quote
0.394 in.1.555 in.0.094 in.3/8Low Carbon Steel - Soft109Part Detail/Quote
0.800 in.1.500 in.0.125 in.3/4Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear3175Part Detail/Quote
0.765 in.1.500 in.0.250 in.3/4Low Carbon Steel - Soft2100Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in.1.469 in.0.134 in.3/4Low Carbon Steel - Soft8168Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in.1.469 in.0.134 in.3/4Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear3030Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in.1.469 in.0.120 in.3/4Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear4010Part Detail/Quote
0.687 in.1.312 in.0.134 in.5/8Spring Steel - Hard0Part Detail/Quote
0.687 in.1.312 in.0.134 in.5/8Spring Steel - HardGalvanized0Part Detail/Quote
0.671 in.1.312 in.0.089 in.5/8Low Carbon Steel - Soft3601Part Detail/Quote
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