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Domestic Flat Washers | Stainless Steel & Bronze

Flat washers are utilized in the construction and assembly industry to boost efficiency and protect fragile surfaces. Domestic flat washers are utilized to ensure a safe distribution of weight while applying a bolt. In addition, stainless steel flat washers are also designed to eliminate corrosion issues that are common on metallic surfaces. Willie Washer offers a large selection of domestic flat washers in materials such as stainless steel, bronze, and nylon. 

Nylon flat washers are embedded directly under machine screws to help eliminate excess noise. USS and SAE washers are the two most common flat washers used. SAE flat Washers are Type A narrow, with a smaller OD size and are thinner than the typical USS washers. USS flat washers, on the other hand, are Type A wide washers. Willie Washers has a wide range of materials and finishes for both USS and SAE washers from which you can choose. We also offer other types of washers and parts such as clipped OD washers, D shaped ID washers, slotted square washers, and fender washers. Our catalog of stampings, machined parts, and washers are made with high-quality materials to meet your requirements.

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Inner Diameter (ID)Outer Diameter (OD)Thickness (T)Bolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.062 in.0.122 in.0.020 in.Stainless - 31610520Part Detail/Quote
0.000 in.0.125 in.0.010 in.Stainless - 300 Series10001Part Detail/Quote
0.000 in.0.125 in.0.015 in.Stainless - 300 Series17901Part Detail/Quote
0.000 in.0.125 in.0.032 in.Aluminum21001Part Detail/Quote
0.000 in.0.125 in.0.032 in.Brass6101Part Detail/Quote
0.050 in.0.125 in.0.031 in.Stainless - 300 Series9701Part Detail/Quote
0.056 in.0.125 in.0.012 in.Stainless - 300 Series32000Part Detail/Quote
0.056 in.0.125 in.0.016 in.BrassCadmium5200Part Detail/Quote
0.056 in.0.125 in.0.040 in.Brass5001Part Detail/Quote
0.062 in.0.125 in.0.010 in.Nylon0Part Detail/Quote
0.062 in.0.125 in.0.020 in.Stainless - 300 Series0Part Detail/Quote
0.063 in.0.125 in.0.022 in.Low Carbon Steel - SoftNickel10000Part Detail/Quote
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