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Terminal Cup Brass & Copper Washers

We offer Terminal Cup washers in materials such as low carbon steel, brass, and copper. Terminal Cup brass washers are formed like basic and standard cup washers, but with a notch or cutout on the side of the cup. The notch on terminal cup washers is used to accommodate wires in electrical applications. The notch on each cup washer helps retain the wires and avoid slippage. Cupped washers are actually a type of spring washer that is developed with a semispherical shaped body or a beveled edge. Cup washers are utilized with spring retainers, locators, housings, spacers, and end caps.

Cup washers are also utilized to protect fasteners from physical interaction by outside forces. Cup washers are able to be used to center washers and are also utilized as a substitute for heavy washers in certain types of projects. Terminal cup wahsers are able to withstand high load bearing capacity and low deflection. Our selection terminal cup brass and copper washers are available in a selection of premium finishes such as zinc & clear, nickel, tin, and zinc & yellow. Our catalog of terminal cup copper and brass washers feature various bolt sizes to meet your needs. In addition to Terminal Cup Washers, we also offer a large selection of Countersunk WashersBasic Cup Washers, Wave Spring Washers, Square OD Washers, C Washers, and Cup WashersContact our staff to learn more about terminal cup brass and copper washers. We will collaborate with you to ensure you choose the right cup washer for your project or application.

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0.171 in.0.410 in.0.020 in.#8BrassNickel0Part Detail/Quote
0.200 in.0.430 in.0.018 in.#10BrassNickel139700Part Detail/Quote
0.196 in.0.440 in.0.020 in.#10Brass15500Part Detail/Quote
0.196 in.0.440 in.0.020 in.#10Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow45000Part Detail/Quote
0.344 in.0.875 in.0.040 in.5/16CopperNickel725Part Detail/Quote
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