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Basic Cup Washers

Basic or Standard Cup Washers have the sides of the cup or dish bent at roughly 90 degrees. The basic cup washers are manufactured in a shape that allows for a variety of uses in an array of applications. Standard cup washers are used to cover bolts or nuts for safety or anti-tampering requirements. Cup washers are also used to compress insulation and sealant materials. Additionally cup washers are also utilized as spring retainers.

The important characteristics of a basic or standard cup washer are different depending on the uses. The inside cup dimension, the outside dimension, the height, and the material thickness are factors to consider when designing your cup washer. Cup washers are available in materials such as Low Carbon Steel, Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. Basic or standard cup washers are available in finishes such as Zinc & Yellow, Zinc & Clear, Galvanized, Black Oxide, Nickel, and Phosphate & Oil. Choose a cup washer material and finish that meets your needs. Basic and standard cup washers are designed to accommodate a variety of bolt sizes and uses. Contact a specialist at Willie Washer to learn more about cup washers.

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ID OD T Bolt Size (Inch) Material Finish Stock Request a Quote
0.210 in. 0.565 in. 0.025 in. #10 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Yellow 1001 Part Detail/Quote
0.266 in. 0.581 in. 0.025 in. 1/4 Brass 12350 Part Detail/Quote
0.165 in. 0.585 in. 0.020 in. #6 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Black Oxide 67601 Part Detail/Quote
0.208 in. 0.612 in. 0.045 in. #10 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Yellow 0 Part Detail/Quote
0.445 in. 0.613 in. 0.025 in. 3/8 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Yellow 3900 Part Detail/Quote
0.156 in. 0.625 in. 0.031 in. #6 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Yellow 9700 Part Detail/Quote
0.175 in. 0.625 in. 0.036 in. #8 Stainless - 300 Series 11001 Part Detail/Quote
0.343 in. 0.625 in. 0.032 in. 5/16 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Clear 11080 Part Detail/Quote
0.375 in. 0.625 in. 0.030 in. 5/16 Brass 13300 Part Detail/Quote
0.395 in. 0.625 in. 0.031 in. 3/8 Stainless - 400 Series 1001 Part Detail/Quote
0.288 in. 0.760 in. 0.060 in. 1/4 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 23900 Part Detail/Quote
0.240 in. 0.710 in. 0.030 in. #12 Low Carbon Steel - Soft 26000 Part Detail/Quote
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