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C Washers & Slotted Washers | Retaining Washers

C Washers feature a unique design that is identical to the letter C. A slot is cut from the center of the C Washer to the exterior to ensure an intuitive removal, insertion, and replacement process. Slotted washers and C Lock Washers are able to be inserted or removed without disassembling the bolts. C Shaped Washers are designed to boost productivity throughout the repositioning and insertion process. C Lock Washers and Slotted Washers are available in various thickness levels to ensure compatibility with your project. C Lock Washers can also be used as retaining washers by fitting them onto a grooved shaft. Willie Washer stocks and distributes a large selection of C Washers and retaining washers to meet your needs.

Our C Lock Washers and Slotted Washers are manufactured with high-quality materials and are offered at low prices. Our C Shaped Washers and Slotted Washers are available in materials such as spring steel, brass, low carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon. C Washers are stocked in finishes such as zinc & yellow, zinc & clear, and a variety of others. C Washers or C Lock Washers are compatible with a variety of bolt sizes to meet the unique requirements of your project. In addition to C washers, our catalog also includes other types of washers including square od, flatD shaped ID, clipped OD, spring, and slotted square. Give us a call by phone at (847) 956-1344 fill out our contact form to learn more about C Lock Washers and retaining washers.

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IDODTBolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.343 in.1.175 in.0.046 in.5/16Stainless - 300 Series2390Part Detail/Quote
0.380 in.1.218 in.0.060 in.5/16Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear0Part Detail/Quote
0.380 in.1.218 in.0.060 in.5/16Low Carbon Steel - Soft19800Part Detail/Quote
0.380 in.1.218 in.0.060 in.5/16Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow6300Part Detail/Quote
0.380 in.1.218 in.0.098 in.5/16Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear1001Part Detail/Quote
0.910 in.1.240 in.0.010 in.Stainless - 300 Series7100Part Detail/Quote
0.437 in.1.500 in.0.045 in.3/8Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow3988Part Detail/Quote
0.625 in.1.500 in.0.125 in.9/16Low Carbon Steel - Soft4200Part Detail/Quote
0.531 in.2.000 in.0.075 in.1/2Low Carbon Steel - Soft2420Part Detail/Quote
0.531 in.2.000 in.0.188 in.1/2Low Carbon Steel - Soft635Part Detail/Quote
0.625 in.2.000 in.0.015 in.9/16Low Carbon Steel - Soft5Part Detail/Quote
0.812 in.2.000 in.0.060 in.3/4Low Carbon Steel - Soft12400Part Detail/Quote
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