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Countersunk Cup Washers

Countersunk cup washers are designed to be used with flat or oval head screws. Countersunk washers can be supplied in both 82 degree and 100 degree styles. This type of cup washer allows angled screw heads to slip into the countersink for a more decorative and finished look. In addition, countersunk cup washers are utilized to prevent damage to wood while installing screws. Retaining the screws can also eliminate snagging and help with safety issues. The recesses can also be used as centering aids. Countersunk cup washers are available in various materials to meet the specifications of your project. In addition, countersunk washers are offered in various finishes to align with your needs. Choose a countersunk washer in a bolt size that is compatible with your unique application. Contact a specialist with questions about cup washers.

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ID OD T Bolt Size (Inch) Material Finish Stock Request a Quote
0.320 in. 1.230 in. 0.036 in. 5/16 Low Carbon Steel - Soft Zinc & Yellow 970 Part Detail/Quote
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