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Cup Washers

Cup washers are formed washers that come in a range of styles. We provide a wide array of forms to suit the specific type you need: formed flat-sided cup washers, cup washers with flanges or flat rims to fit into recesses or holes, and even countersunk washers to be used with flat head or oval head screws and bolts. Cup washers can be used as spring retainers, centering washers, tamper proofing, and as finishing washers. Cup washers and countersunk washers are offered in materials such as Low Carbon Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Copper, and Spring Steel.

Browse our large selection of cup and countersunk washers to find a product that meets your needs and demands. Contact our specialists with questions or concerns about cup washers. Contact our specialists with questions or concerns about cup washers.

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IDODTBolt Size (Inch)MaterialFinishStockRequest a Quote
0.343 in.1.093 in.0.048 in.5/16Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear4590Part Detail/Quote
0.625 in.1.080 in.0.048 in.9/16Low Carbon Steel - SoftPhosphate & Oil4700Part Detail/Quote
0.390 in.1.070 in.0.030 in.3/8Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear17275Part Detail/Quote
0.406 in.1.062 in.0.060 in.3/8Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow10700Part Detail/Quote
0.260 in.1.062 in.0.059 in.3/16Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear23501Part Detail/Quote
0.562 in.0.968 in.0.032 in.1/2Brass2780Part Detail/Quote
1.250 in.2.955 in.0.187 in.1-1/8Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear0Part Detail/Quote
1.440 in.2.020 in.0.030 in.Low Carbon Steel - Soft4700Part Detail/Quote
0.641 in.2.000 in.0.075 in.5/8Spring Steel - HardZinc & Clear3700Part Detail/Quote
0.365 in.2.000 in.0.059 in.5/16Stainless - 3165Part Detail/Quote
1.100 in.2.035 in.0.048 in.1.000Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Clear3960Part Detail/Quote
0.875 in.1.940 in.0.042 in.Low Carbon Steel - SoftZinc & Yellow3900Part Detail/Quote
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